3 Good Reasons To Work With A Transportation Brokerage As A Hotshot Driver

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Hotshot drivers are in high demand in many parts of the country. While major trucking companies handle a lot of the larger freight loads, hotshots often get the smaller loads that still need to be transported with priority handling. This particular setup can work out well for certain business owners.

When a business owner has a need to get something transported quickly, they will often turn to a transportation brokerage to get connected with a good hauler. As a hotshot driver, having a good transportation brokerage that you work with can be one of the most advantageous moves for your business endeavor. Here is a look at why that is the case.

Transportation brokers help keep you with a steady stream of loads. 

Searching for loads on your own as a hotshot driver can be a challenge. If you do not have a long list of clients who can call on you for load transport, you can face large gaps between trips when you do not have any work. Transportation brokers work with many different clients, so it is likely that they can get you connected with a client that needs your services. 

Transportation brokers negotiate load prices. 

Negotiating what you will be paid for a load as a hotshot driver can be one of the most challenging parts of your job. However, if you are working with a broker, they will be the point of contact with the client. Therefore, the broker will take care of negotiating prices for each load and then let you know how much the load pays. Of course, whatever the broker charges as their fee will come from what the client pays, but this still means you can get easy jobs without having to negotiate rates. 

Transportation brokers properly vet the clients that are looking for haulers. 

As a hotshot driver looking for loads on load boards online or through other avenues, you will occasionally come across clients that cause problems. For example, you may have a client that states they will pay a certain per-mile rate, but then change their rates once you arrive to pick up the load. When you are working with a well-established transportation broker, the clients will be well-vetted before you are connected with them. Therefore, it will be far less likely that you come across a client as a freight carrier that causes you any problems. 

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