Important Maintenance Tips To Prolong The Life Of Your Dump Truck

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The trucks that you have in your business's fleet all serve important purposes. However, dump trucks can become particular assets because of the variety of uses for which they can be used. You can keep yours ready to drive as needed by using these important dump truck maintenance tips.

Pressure-Wash the Body Regularly

Dump trucks can become dirty quickly depending on what you haul in them. Even if you only use yours to haul and deliver rocks and soil, you can still expect their beds and bodies to become unsanitary.

Regular pressure washing your dump truck can get rid of residue, debris buildup, and odors from its exterior. It also loosens debris that has become embedded in cracks, crevices, and other parts of the body where you may not be able to reach to clean.

Pressure washing also prevents the body from sustaining damages like rusting or corrosion. It removes elements like mud and sludge that can cause the outside body and undercarriage parts to rot.

Check and Change the Fluids Often

Dump trucks are capable of hauling and towing thousands of pounds. Their capabilities cause them to burn through oils under the hood faster, however. 

You cannot risk your dump truck running on an empty oil, brake fluid, or another lubricant reservoir. The truck's engine can overheat or even lock. These damages can ruin the engine and render the truck useless.

To prevent these risks, you need to check the fluids in the engine at least once a week. You also need to refill the reservoirs whenever they get below half of what they can hold. Keeping the fluids full in the engine makes your dump truck work better and prevents dangers like engine locking, overheating, and other damages.

Inspect and Rotate the Tires Often

When you drive this truck for miles each day, you need to make a habit out of inspecting and rotating its tires. Excessive mileage can cause the truck's tires to wear out quickly. You can prevent a rapid loss of tread and avoid a possible blowout by checking your tires for signs of damages often and rotating the tires every few months.

Your dump truck is one of the most useful trucks in your company's commercial fleet. You can keep it in good driving condition and prevent damages to its engine and other parts by regularly maintaining it and by inspecting parts like its tires.

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