3 Ways To Enhance Your Life During A Bus Trip

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A bus trip can be an excellent way to get out on the road for vacation without having to worry about the trip. You don't have to navigate the route or destination and, unlike airplane rides, you are taken directly to your destination.

For many Americans, though, the thought of a long ride in coach seating may be the biggest downside to bus travel. Is this true in your case? If so, take advantage of this time by using it to rest, recharge, and even explore. How? Here are three ways. 

1. Do Something Creative. Do you wish you had more time in your daily life to explore some kind of creative outlet? Then now is your chance. Take these few hours on the road to write poetry, practice sketching, refresh your high school French, or learn how to use Photoshop. If you're traveling with friends, make this a group activity by encouraging everyone to bring something creative and offer to share it with others too.  

2. Create a Relaxing Experience. The trip can become an opportunity to relax and refresh yourself with the right planning. The American landscape passing by outside for hours forms a beautiful backdrop for an in-seat spa day. Pack some scaled-down versions of your favorite spa treatments, such as a face mask, lotion, hand massage, and oil. Put on your headphones with some soothing music, pull out a good books, and enjoy the ride.

3. Get Caught Up. Is there something you never get around to doing that's causing stress? Would getting it done make your life a little more enjoyable? Then use this time wisely. If it won't bother others, call your mom or your grandmother and get caught up on family gossip. Work on your resume. Make a budget. Download a grocery app and learn how to make a money-saving list. Fix the hem on your favorite skirt. Plan the holiday meal. Even if it's unrelated to your trip, completing a task you've been putting off makes you feel productive and in control.  

Which of these road trip ideas appeals most to you? This is a great time to unplug from your phone and social media, to put your feet up, and to do something that will enhance your own life or enjoyment. No matter what you choose to do with your bus trip, it will surely be the start of a great time away from home. 

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