A Look At Often-Forgotten Available Rental Vehicles

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Having access to a rental car service is insanely convenient if you need to make a trip or make an impression and your vehicle isn't quite up for the task. Beyond the typical compact cars and family sedans or minivans, there are other vehicles to choose from, but many consumers have no idea just what kind. Check out a few of the often-forgotten vehicles offered by car rental services

Cargo Vans 

Cargo vans are not really all that passenger-friendly; they usually only have a few seats up front for the driver and a passenger, and possibly an extra bench behind them. However, cargo cans offer a wide-open space in the back for hauling either a large item or a lot of belongings. These vans are commonly rented by people who are moving a large item a long distance, but they can also be great for traveling for a couple of people who need to carry a lot of things with them. For example, if you were planning a trip along a highway that is hosting a several-mile yard sale event, a cargo van would be an excellent vehicle to rent. 

Premium SUVs

SUVs are a commonly rented vehicle, but premium SUVs are a step up from the ordinary with a lot of great features that can make your car travel even more enjoyable. You can find premium SUVs with:

  • as many or more seats than a minivan
  • four-wheel-drive capabilities for traveling on snow-covered roads
  • roomy interior with ample leg and head space

These vehicles are large enough to carry an entire family of passengers, and they are an excellent choice for those who really do not like the look or size of a minivan. 

Sports Cars 

Maybe you have a big date, and you want to make a major impression, or perhaps you just love the idea of cruising in true style in an impressive vehicle. Some rental car companies actually do offer sports cars for rent to customers. Of course, the prices to rent these cars can be a little on the higher side because the cars are so expensive. However, slipping into the seat of something like a Mercedes Benz or Audi for the day can be well worth the price. 

Before you make a decision about what kind of car you want to rent, make sure you know what models are actually available. Reach out to a rental car company in your area for more information about the types of vehicles they have to offer.