Buying A Used Dump Truck For Your Business? Take A Look At These Items First

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It is possible that you are in the market for a dump truck and you would prefer to purchase a used vehicle to cut down on some of the expenses. It doesn't matter if you head to a dealer or an auction to buy your used dump truck but there are certain items you should take a closer look at before you buy. Take a look at these areas of any truck you are interested in before you pay any money.

Truck Body and Tires

Just like when you are buying a car, take a good look at the truck as a whole and then take a closer look at the body and tires to see what kind of shape they are in. You are looking for any cracks in the body, rust or if there are any dents or if there were any major repairs that were not done properly.

While you are checking the body, take a look at the dump box itself. Find out if it's made from aluminum or steel as this makes a difference depending on the load you will be carrying. Finally, take a peek at the tires too. Are they in good shape? Do they have a good tread still or an uneven one? Will you need new tires in the next few years if you buy this truck?

You should also take a look at the truck's frame and look for any bowing or sagging. Look for any rust or corrosion.

Lift Cylinder

Always take a look at the hydraulic lift cylinder before buying a dump truck. You need to look for any cracks, dents or possible leaks in fluid. Take a look at the reservoir tank and pump for any signs of leaking too. You can check these components, by turning the truck on and operating the lift. Take note of how smooth the box operates too.

Engine Check

You wouldn't buy a used car without checking the engine and the same is true here. If you don't have the experience to check out a larger engine usually found in trucks of this size, then bring a qualified mechanic whom you trust with you. Make sure the engine is in good condition with no cracks or leaks to be found.

Cab Interior

Take a seat inside the cab and see the condition it's in. Check out the mileage and make sure it isn't too high for your needs. Start the truck up and listen to the engine sounds to see that it is running smoothly. Check all gauges, lights, signals and ensure they are in working condition. You should take it out for a test drive too to see how it feels to drive and if you notice any issues with its operation.

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