Transporting Large Equipment Or Oversized Items

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Over-sized equipment or very large items can be difficult to move from place to another. For really big items, you need some help, a truck and trailer capable of moving the items, and possibly some special permits to make it happen. There are a lot of very large things moved over the roads of the country every day but it is critical that everything is done correctly to avoid an accident on the road or damage to the item being moved.

Oversized Equipment

When you have equipment that you use on a job site like excavators, wheel loaders, or even bulldozers, you can not just jump in and drive them from one place to another. To begin with, they are too slow. The weight of these machines is damaging to the roads and since many have tracks on them, they would do a lot of damage to the pavement or road surface. Your best alternative is a flatbed or lowboy trailer for moving these machines. The machines could be damaged trying to move them long distances over the hard packed road as well. They are not designed to run at top speed for long periods of time and doing so could cause excessive wear to the parts in the running gear.

Moving Industrial Equipment

If you operate a business that uses a lot of large industrial equipment such as CNC machines or specialty robotic tools, and the time has come to move into a bigger building, you will need to hire a flatbed to transport the equipment. You will most likely need a rigger and crane as well but you may be able to get them as a package if you look for a company that specializes in moving large items. They will bring in the crane, the riggers, the truck, and the driver and since this is their specialty, they have the knowledge and experience to pull off a large move without the concern f damage to your equipment.

Permits and Special Considerations

Moving anything large on a flatbed trailer takes more than just putting it on the trailer and driving it down the road. One thing you will need to consider is any special permits that may be required. If the load is overweight, it will be restricted to specific roads or routes and may require a permit that allows for the extra weight. If you are moving the item across several states, you may need to get permitted in each of the states you are crossing through. Planning the route out ahead of time is important and you may want to drive it to see if there are low wires that will need to be raised or underpasses that need to be avoided due to height limitations.

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