Your Bachelorette Party: 5 Party Bus Tips

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If you're the person in charge of a friend's bachelorette party, you can't go wrong with a party bus rental. The bus will allow you and your friends to socialize without having to worry about driving. There are even things you can do to make your trip more fun; use these ideas to make the party bus even more enjoyable:

Consider a Theme

One of the first things you can plan to make the party great is to think about having a theme. Whether the theme is based on an interest, such as the bride's favorite television show, or based on something that seems fun, such as the 1970s, coming up with a theme gives you some direction in terms of decorating and allows everyone to show off their own personal flair.

Bring a Playlist

Your party bus will give you free rein of radio or satellite music, but you might opt to create a special playlist of the bride's favorite songs instead. Just be sure to ask whether the bus is equipped with smartphone connectivity or a CD player so you can burn your playlist onto a CD.

Make a Slideshow

Many party buses come equipped with televisions. While you may not think you'll have much use for it now, you can make your bus ride that much more special if you have a slideshow or video collage about the bride-to-be and the people traveling with you. Old photos, video clips, and other media can make for a sentimental viewing that brings everyone closer together.

Make a Travel Plan

Depending on your plans, you could be taking the party bus to a grand event at one location, or you might be hopping from spot to spot throughout the night. Whatever the goal, it's smart to come up with a travel plan of some kind that you can discuss with the driver before you head out. This is important because many rental companies will charge you for gas; think about your route beforehand so you can travel as efficiently as possible on the big night.

Pre-Mix Drinks

If you and your friends plan on having a few cocktails throughout the night, it's probably going to cheaper if you mix them yourself beforehand and bring them with you. A few pitchers with lids, a cooler, and disposable cups can make this possible. If you're afraid of spills and extra costs, you can ensure that your cups have lids as well.

These suggestions can make your party bus a fun one. Ask your rental company about and rules and guidelines so that you can make sure everyone knows what is allowed on the big night.