Set Up An Account For Your Business With A Local Taxi Company

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If you manage a business that requires your employees to come and go frequently throughout the day, it may be advantageous to partner with a local taxi company to provide this transportation. Not all of your employees may have vehicles, and some may be reluctant to use their vehicles for work — especially if you aren't compensating them for mileage and parking costs. Instead, employees can hop in taxis, visit their destinations for the intended purpose, and then be driven back to your office. Here are some things to think about concerning this scenario.

You Can Set Up Billing

Instead of having each employee pay for his or her taxi ride and then invoice you at the end of the month, you can set up an account with the taxi company. In this scenario, the company will keep track of the rides that it gives to your employees throughout the month and bill you accordingly. You'll also want to keep track of things at your end, so you might have each employee log the specifics of his or her taxi ride into a database upon returning to your office.

You Can Arrange Rides With Apps

Some taxi companies offer mobile apps, which can be highly beneficial to using a taxi company for your employees' transportation. For example, you can then provide access to this app for your employees who will use the service, and they can book transportation in advance. If an employee needs to be picked up at your office at 9 a.m., he can log this request with the taxi company the night before to ensure that a driver will be ready at the allotted time. The same approach will work for getting rides back to your office. For example, if the employee anticipates visiting a client for an hour, he or she can book the taxi to arrive at the client's location at the appropriate time.

You Can Book According To Common Trends

Depending on the nature of your business, you might have ongoing needs for taxis at certain times of the day. For example, you might have a few employees travel to the airport every Tuesday at 10 a.m. Instead of having to book each of these trips individually, you can talk to the taxi company and book according to this trend. This way, there will be one or more taxis outside your location every Tuesday before 10 a.m. unless you inform the company otherwise.