Seven Ways To Make Your Courier's Job Easier

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Establishing and maintaining a positive working relationship with the individuals who deliver packages for your business only makes good sense. In many ways, these couriers serve as the direct conduit between you, your suppliers and your customers. The couriers who visit your office work for you, so your satisfaction is their primary goal; but most are happy to go the extra mile for clients that make their job easier.  

Try to implement the following suggestions around your business:

  1. Be sure your office's address is plainly visible from the street. Couriers spend most of their days squinting to see tiny and obscure clues indicating office addresses – make it easy on your courier by printing the address in large, legible numbers right over the front door.
  2. Post any special instructions in a prominent place. Do you need couriers to go to the back of the building to pick up packages? Should couriers use the service elevator? Make sure these policies are clearly visible in places where couriers are sure to see it.
  3. Appoint a single employee to act as the courier liaison. Rather than having four or five different employees interact with the couriers, identify a single employee who will work as a liaison between your company and the couriers. This will reduce confusion and ensure smoother deliveries. Appoint a single alternate of substitute who will take over when the liaison is out of the office.
  4. Be sure your office parking lot is lit well. Couriers must often make deliveries before sunrise and after sunset. For safety's sake, be sure that all entryways are lit well enough to provide good visibility.
  5. Ensure your courier has all of the applicable contact information for each package. Nothing is more frustrating for a courier than being unable to locate an intended recipient because of incomplete or incorrect information. Accordingly, it is always important to provide the courier with the recipient's contact information.
  6. Have the package ready for delivery when the courier arrives. For a courier, time is money. The longer they wait in your shipping department, the more money they are losing. Always have packages ready for pickup before calling in to schedule the pickup.
  7. Establish courier parking spaces whenever possible. Most businesses would rather couriers avoid parking spaces designated for customers, so make it easy for your couriers to help you accomplish this goal by establishing a few courier-only parking spaces, located as close to the appropriate entrance as possible. 

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