Three Tips To Keep You Safe During Taxi Travel

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Calling a taxi, hopping in and arriving at your desired destination a short while later makes it a breeze to get around your own city or a city you're visiting. Although it can be tempting to relax while you're riding in the back seat and enjoy the scenery go past, it's still important to be vigilant about staying safe before and after your journey. Whether you ride by taxi frequently or are relatively inexperienced with using this mode of transportation, following a number of simple tips can ensure the entire experience is positively memorable. Here are three valuable safety tips to remember.

Call Rather Than Hail

Although hailing a cab on a busy street can certainly be convenient, being outdoors -- especially at night and in unfamiliar surroundings -- can be dangerous in some areas. A safer approach is to call the taxi company from your home, hotel or office and arrange to be picked up at a designated time. This strategy means you won't have to stand out in public and can wait safely by a window until you see your cab arrive to pick you up.

Be Careful Of Your Surroundings

The majority of cab drivers put an emphasis on keeping their passengers safe and some drivers will even question if you wish to be dropped off in a seemingly unsafe area. However, it's always wise to be vigilant about watching your surroundings as you approach your destination. If you feel unsafe when the cab stops, express this sentiment to the driver and ask him or her to find an alternate place for you to exit the vehicle. For example, if you're getting dropped off at a bar or restaurant at night, don't ask the vehicle to stop in an alley behind the establishment because it will slightly reduce the fare -- it's better to arrive at the well-lit entrance.

Pay From Inside

While some taxi riders prefer to climb out of the vehicle and then pay the fare and tip the driver through an open window, this strategy involves having your purse or wallet open in public, which can make you an attractive target for street crime. A safety-first approach is to settle up with the driver once the vehicle stops moving and you see the fare for the trip. Put your money back in a secure location before you leave the cab, and then walk briskly to your destination.

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