Four Interesting Facts About Trucking

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If you're like most people, you probably don't think about trucking unless you're passing a semi on the highway. However, the trucking industry is vital to the economy. In 2012, 90 percent of consumer products, including food, were shipped throughout Canada by truck. Not only does the trucking industry provide jobs for hundreds of thousands of people, but if truck drivers didn't transport goods across the country the type of items that you can buy would be extremely limited. Learn more about the trucking industry, semis, and truck drivers by reading these interesting facts.

Trucks are Everywhere

There are over 700,000 trucks running across Canada, but not all of these trucks are used to transport commercial goods. Trucking plays a role in several different industries. Truck drivers are needed to drive utility and government trucks, as well as to drive trucks that haul farming equipment and machinery.

Some Truck Drivers Own Their Semis

Not all truck drivers work for a company, organization, or the government. Approximately one out of every nine truck drivers work independently. To do this, a truck driver must own his own truck and is responsible for obtaining his own clients. In many cases, independent truck drivers contract with local businesses, such as construction companies, that need items hauled to and from various nearby locations. Alternatively, some independent truck drivers own small trucking businesses with several trucks in addition to operating a truck themselves.

The Trucking Industry is Vital to U.S./Canadian Trade

Without the trucking industry, a majority of trade between the United States and Canada would come to a halt. Approximately, two-thirds of the goods traded between the U.S. and Canada are moved by truck, which includes over 80 percent of U.S. exports into Canada.

Trucking is a Male-Dominant Industry

Did you know that only three percent of truck drivers are women? Approximately 97 percent of truck drivers are men, making trucking a male-dominant industry. In addition, the average truck driver is in his mid-40s, only 12 percent of truck drivers are under 30 years old, and about 20 percent of truck drivers are over 50 years old.

The fact is, whether you're a consumer who buys products that are hauled by truck drivers or you work in the trucking industry, trucking plays an important role in your life. From utility companies to freight companies, truck drivers (like those at Ashton Transport Ltd hauling) work hard to ensure that everyone has access to items they need.