Five Reasons You Should Hire A Shuttle Service For Your Wedding Guests

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If you are having a wedding reception outside of your hometown, chances are most guests will not know the area well and will all be staying at the same hotel. It is a good idea to provide a shuttle service to and from your wedding if your guests would benefit from this. Here are five reasons providing a shuttle service will help out your guests and take some of the stress out of your wedding day.

1. If there will be Drinks at Your Reception

If your wedding party likes to party, you might want to provide a shuttle service to keep everyone safe. Don't don't put your guests in a situation that might tempt anyone to drive back to the hotel after drinking.

2. If You have Older Family Members at Your Wedding

If your wedding involves multiple generations, keep guests safe with shuttle service. Older guests might feel uncomfortable driving in an unfamiliar area or driving in the dark. Some older guests may not even drive anymore. Get a shuttle service for all of your guests in order to help out those who need it the most.

3. If a Majority of Your Wedding Guests Flew In

If you are having a destination wedding, or if you or your fiance's family is from a different part of the country, people may be without cars. Don't force all of your guests to rent cars for your wedding. If they can get to the hotel, you should get them to the wedding in a shuttle.

4. Limited Parking at the Wedding Venue

If your wedding is in a location that has limited or no parking, you will need to provide a shuttle service either from the hotel or from a remote parking lot. Don't make your guests struggle with street parking or the possibility of get ticketed or towed. Your guests won't have to worry about parking if you can provide a shuttle.

5. Let Your Guests Meet Each Other Before the Wedding

Your wedding day is a group event that everyone will share together. Guests that might not know each other can become acquainted on the shuttle and be friends by the time they get to the wedding. Have your wedding guests arrive all at once in a group ready to celebrate your day.

If you are planning your wedding, the last thing you want to worry about is how everyone will make it to your wedding day. Take out this step with a shuttle service and help your guests enjoy your wedding.

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